Figures formed by plates of iron and metals contracted into limbs. Through the penetration of structure and contortion of materials, this series of sculptures acutely defines and characterizes the human form. Chee Peng intends to develop this series and have these human forms erected in different locations, carrying different conveyance as they appear in distinctive environments. These forms represent the habitants of its community mirroring their thoughts and connection to their surroundings. The hollow form of the human bodies represents a form of superficiality and a way of describing the relationship between human beings and the land they live on. The hard frame of the sculpture expresses the humanistic qualities of the local characters through the human form, yet the hollowness of the structure creates a more linear silhouette which becomes a kind of dialogue with its audience, weaving tales of livelihood and memories within its community linking them to their past, present and future.

行者系列: 由铁板构成"面"再缔结为体的人物,透过了穿透与形体的结构方式,随着視觉的移动,清晰且强烈地勾勒出人物的肢体。这些人物形体所要传达出不同的言语和出现在于不一样的环境,表现出一般人们对周遭环境的申诉与感应。人物的身体躯壳展露出空洞,是虚有其表的方式,也在於成为一种关於人与土地的描述,透过人的形体与样貌,也在其中诠釋着地方性格与场域里的人文特質。成为一种与人之间的对话方式,講述着生活族群里共同的生活记忆,联结起人们的过去、现在与未来。

Roof Walker

City Walker