Culture Series: During the development of our city, the industry which inevitably bear the brunt of this global progression is the trade of the traditional craftsmanship. These dying skills and historical traditions are the craftsmen’s most valuable inheritance from their predecessors and yet they are being condemned by the modern society for it. Rather than gaining, they suffered the pace of development and are gradually driven out of their own ancestors’ homes while being robbed of a sustainable future in their way of life. As the advancement of modern technology continue to grow rapidly, the new generations stride harder to feed it, resulting in an era of materialistic desires and endless pursuit of ease and comfort. These changes have led to the gradual loss of traditional workmanship due to a lack of new talent to take over these trades. This series of work embodies a sense of loss in our heritage and culture. It is a silent appeal to the later generation to ponder on our cultural identity.

文化系列: 在城市的发展中,首当其冲的行业无可是传统手艺了,工匠们传承了先代所遗留下来的手艺与精神,而遭受了周围发展的步伐,逐渐的被驱赶出老行业已盘根老屋,而失去了往后的生记。科技不断的日月更新的情况下,年青一代所追求的高薪质与环境的舒适而造成一些传统行业面临后续无人的情形下逐渐的失传了。这系列作品承现了一活文遗产的未落与诉求来引人深思的感受。

Crushed Hopes

Dampened Future

Grim Lantern

Rescue for Life



Shattered Dream